Handling of a Single Object by Multiple Mobile Robots based on Caster-Like Dynamics


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  • #Yasuhisa Hirata
  • #Yohei Kume
  • #Zhi Dong Wang
  • #Kazuhiro Kosuge
  • #Distributed Robot Systems
  • #Cooperative Manipulators
  • #Physical HumanRobot Interaction
  • #mobile robots
  • #dead reckoning system
  • #slippage between wheels and the ground
  • #casterlike dynamics
  • #geometric relationships

When coordinating multiple mobile robots, errors in the position and orientation of each robot detected by a dead reckoning system are inevitable because of the slippage between wheels and the ground. This video introduces caster-like dynamics for controlling the robots. Multiple mobile robots can handle a single object without using the geometric relationships among them and the shape of the object.


  • Published on
  • May 19, 2008



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