ICRA 2020 Keynote - Compliant Whole-body Control for Real-World Interactions


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An ICRA 2020 Keynote by Jaeheung Park. As more complicated robots such as humanoid robots are expected to operate in complex environments, whole-body control has greatly progressed for robots operating in multiple contact scenarios. Now, various approaches can be used to create the compliant whole-body motion of robots, depending on hardware and control methods. In this talk, I would like to share my experience of implementing compliant whole-body motion control. The first one is on a torque-controlled robot using a whole-body controller based on the operational space control framework, and the second one is on a position-controlled robot by creating compliant motion using disturbance estimation. Implementation issues will be also discussed in these approaches. Finally, other exciting work in our research group will be briefly presented.


  • Published on
  • June 23, 2020



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