IEEE Summit on Internet Governance 2014: Panel II - Security vs. Privacy


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Panel II: – Security vs. Privacy

The debate over the balance between privacy and security continues to rage. On the one hand, the desire for privacy is nearly universal and many people regard personal information as personal property to be divulged only by choice or when required for a greater good. On the other hand, criminal and terrorist activity on the internet continues to increase, and national security and public safety are often seen as legitimate reasons for government to intervene to collect personal information. The collection, without permission, of personal information by commercial enterprises for profit-related activities adds a further layer of complexity. The panel will explore the growing cyber-threat, the principles that may lead to a consensus on the appropriate balance between privacy and security, and current legislative responses, including the Data Protection Regulation and the Network and Information Security Directive.


  • Published on
  • February 3, 2015



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