IROS TV 2019-Collaborative Robotics & Intelligent Systems Institute CoRIS at Oregon State University


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This film features the Collaborative Robotics & Intelligent Systems (CoRIS) Institute at Oregon State University. CoRIS leads the way with research in legged locomotion, machine learning, underwater robotics, manipulation, human-robot interaction, multi-robot coordination, swarm robots, and explainable AI. But CoRIS institute's key focus is on the social, economic, legal, and ethical impact of robotics and AI on our future. CoRIS houses one of the few Robotics PhD programs in the U.S. and offers unique, hands-on opportunities for students to learn robotics and Artificial Intelligence. https://robotics.oregonstate.edu


Video Credit: WebsEdgeEducation + IROS TV

  • Published on
  • December 16, 2019



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