IROS TV 2019- Rutgers University- Center for Accelerated Real Time Analytics


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Creating the Future of Robotics & AI The Center for Computational Biomedicine Imaging and Modeling (CBIM) was founded 2001 to serve as an environment for conducting novel research in the areas of Computational Biomedicine, Computer Vision, Computer Graphics, Scientific Computations, Learning and Robotics. The Center for Accelerated Real Time Analytics (CARTA) was created to foster data research collaborations between Rutgers University and industry. These collaborations through the center are focused on specific projects that are a win-win for all participants. PhD students and faculty receive research funding while companies receive state-of-the-art data research output on their chosen projects. This creates real world scenarios for advancements in the fields of robotics and AI. Funding for CBIM is provided by all major Government agencies such as NIH, NASA, NSF, ARO, ONR and AFOSR. CBIM has several collaborative projects with research and faculty from other major Universities and research labs such as Boston Univ. UPENN, Columbia, NYU Medical School, MIT, Stanford, Brookhaven National Laboratory, Siemens Healthcare and Adobe Systems. By combining the disciplines of Computational Biomedicine, Multi-modal Sensory Analytics and Computer Graphics and Modeling, they have created multi faceted approach to learning. Students and faculty at Rutgers are at the forefront of robotics research. They are exploring cutting edge of advances in neuromorphic biomechanics, machine learning for intelligent decision making, algorithmic robotics and high performance computing for graphics and physics based simulations. The multidisciplinary approach makes it the ideal location for academia and students alike. CBIM and CARTA at Rutgers University are creating the future of robotics and AI.


Video Credit: WebsEdgeEducation + IROS TV

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  • December 24, 2019



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