IROS TV 2019- Shantou University- Institute of Robotics and Intelligent Manufacturing


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Strengthening Industry in Shantou and Beyond The Shantou Institute of Robotics and Intelligent Manufacturing is aiming to strengthen the collaboration between AI and Robotics research and local industry for more intelligent manufacturing across a range of industries, as well as in a wide range of other applications from power plants to big data analytics. Based on China 2025 Intelligent Manufacturing Plan, the Insitutute is part of the Key Lab of Digital Signal and Image Processing of Guangdong Province, a hub for research in the region. Research includes the development of software to help aid the desing of robotic systems - including sophisticated AI algorithms for better design. Researchers are also invoplved in building a leak sealing robotfor a local powerplant, designing to oberve and fix leaks that are too dangerous for humans to go near. It's this kind of practical projects in collaborations with companies that means researchers are able to work at the very highest level. The Insititute is also involved in close collaboration with researchers around the world, including Michigan State University's NSF funded Beacons Center for the Study of Evolution in Action - which takes ideas from evolution to solve industry problems. Another close collaboration is with local data analytics company Tong Xing Technology Co. The company is focused on analysing and exploiting big data related to sports - from basketball to football, from U16 to professional venues. With data on hundred of leagues all around the world, they're working to improve data processing, developing algorithms for better interpretation and machine learning to optimise data collection. Tong Xing Tech are able to gather rich and unbiased data about players to help with better management or seeding of players. They're also able to provide real time data on crowd traffic to enable sports venues to better manage events. With millions of sports venues all across China, Sports Data is a huge growth market in the country, as well as an exciting prospect for research and development of better tools. Video Credit: WebsEdgeEducation + IROS TV

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  • December 24, 2019



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