IROS TV 2019-STAR LAB at the University of Surrey Space Technology for Autonomous systems & Robotics


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AI Robotics for Extreme Environments STAR LAB is the Space Technology for Autonomous & Robotic systems Laboratory. Part of the world-renowned Surrey Space Centre, STAR LAB provides world-leading scientific expertise in the robotics field, including sensing, perception, machine learning, autonomy and biomimetic mechanisms - primarily for space applications. AI and Robotics allows us to go places and do things that no human would be able to do, from earth’s orbit to other planets, with STAR LAB’s projects including systems for orbital robotic manipulation and planetary surface exploration. At the same time, this research has wide-ranging applications closer to home, as the technology also provides services for industry like the oil and gas sectors.

Video Credit: WebsEdgeEducation + IROS TV

  • Published on
  • December 24, 2019



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