Micro-Apps 2013: Precision RF/MW Cable and Antenna Test in the Field


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Making Precision RF/MW Cable and Antenna Test in the Field

Rolland Zhang, Agilent Technologies

RF/MW communication system are typically installed in outdoor environment, they subject to harsh weather conditions and human errors created during installation and maintenance. 70% of RF /MW microwave failures are attributed to problems in cable and antenna system, i.e. feeder line. Having a good feeder line is essential to keep mission critical communication system up. Verifying and maintaining the operation of the RF and microwave transmission system, including coaxial cable, waveguide and twisted pair line, and antennas is the first step to have efficient and robust communication system. This paper will introduce the practical aspects of cable and antenna testing, interpreting measurement results and innovative calibration techniques like QuickCal and CalReady using FieldFox MW analyzer.


  • Published on
  • July 5, 2013



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