Panel: Ethics in AI - Impacts of (Anti?) Social Robotics - VIC Summit 2019


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Robotics is going to change the world – at least that is what we hear, see and read daily in the news. So-called “Social Robots” – robots directly interacting with humans and supporting them at work, in shops, in their homes or even in hospitals and homes for the elderly – will have a particular impact on how we perceive robotic help in our lives and if we consider it something useful or dehumanizing.

In this session sponsored by IEEE TechEthics, a panel of experts at the IEEE Vision, Innovation and Challenges Summit considers whether this sub-domain of service robotics will more likely be regarded as an element bringing people closer together (e.g. bridging communication gaps and re-enabling people with physical challenges to participate in daily life), or if it will have anti-social effects, separating us even further from each other and locking people into a dystopic bubble of digitalized content and automated living spaces.

“Chorebot” courtesy of Greg Omelchuck.


  • Published on
  • May 31, 2019



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