Provably-Correct Robot Control with LTLMoP, OMPL and ROS


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  • #Kai Weng Wong
  • #Cameron Finucane
  • #Hadas KressGazit
  • #Cornell University
  • #Linear Temporal Logic MissiOn Planning LTLMoP toolkit
  • #OMPL
  • #ROS
  • #robot behavior
  • #robot controller
  • # robot waiter
  • #PR2
  • #Aldebaran Nao humanoid

This video demonstrates use of the Linear Temporal Logic MissiOn Planning (LTLMoP) toolkit. LTLMoP is an open source software package that transforms high-level specifications for robot behavior, captured using a structured English grammar, into a robot controller. The video shows a robot waiter scenario, with LTLMoP controlling both a PR2 in simulation and an Aldebaran Nao humanoid in the lab.


  • Published on
  • November 3, 2013



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