Exploring the Attrition Gap: Why Do Women Leave the Engineering Field and What Can Be Done To Prevent It? - panel from IEEE WIE Forum USA East 2017


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This panel discussion was recorded at the IEEE Women in Engineering East Forum on 2 December 2017. 

Abstract: Sensata Technologies, a world leader and early innovator in mission critical sensing, electrical protection, and power management solutions, highly values its engineering community and provides development opportunities for both Technical and Business leadership. Sensata also recognizes the importance of diversity of thought for its product development and business success. Faced with the challenge to move from recognition to implementation of effective and lasting actions, the company embarked on a journey to increase diversity and inclusion in the engineering ranks. This journey includes a structured approach by Sensata’s Engineering Council Diversity & Inclusion team coupled with employee-led efforts such as affinity groups and ad hoc activities...


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  • March 19, 2018



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