Worms, Waves, and Robots


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  • #Alexander S. Boxerbaum
  • #Andrew D. Horchler
  • #Kendrick M. Shaw
  • #Hillel J. Chiel
  • #Roger D. Quinn
  • #Biologically Inspired Robotics
  • #Case Western Reserve University
  • #peristalsis
  • #earthworms
  • #wormlike robots
  • #continuously deformable outer mesh
  • #soft hyperredundant robot

The Biologically Inspired Robotics group at Case Western Reserve University has developed several innovative designs for a new kind of robot that uses peristalsis, the method of locomotion used by earthworms. Unlike previous wormlike robots, their concept uses a continuously deformable outer mesh that interpolates the body position between discrete actuators. The group summarizes its progress with this soft hyper-redundant robot.

  • Published on
  • May 14, 2012



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