Challenges and Opportunities of the NISQ Processors (Noisy Intermediate Scale Quantum Computing) - 2018 IEEE Industry Summit on the Future of Computing


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This is a recording of the live-streamed presentation by Google's Alan Ho at the 2018 IEEE Industry Summit on the Future of Computing, part of Rebooting Computing Week.

Abstract: Noisy Intermediate Scale Quantum Computing describes the type of quantum processors that will be available for scientists and researcher to to use in the near term. The following presentation from Alan Ho, Product Management Lead from Google, will present the challenges and opportunities of near term quantum computing. He will provide an overview of Google's progress on improving both # of qubits and quality of qubits. Then, he will provide an overview on near term quantum applications, and why we should be cautiously optimistic of quantum computing going beyond Moore's Law.

Ho is a Product Manager at the Google Quantum AI Lab.



  • Published on
  • November 29, 2018



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