The Era of AI Hardware - 2018 IEEE Industry Summit on the Future of Computing


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This is a recording of the live-streamed presentation by IBM Research's Mukesh Khare at the 2018 IEEE Industry Summit on the Future of Computing, part of Rebooting Computing Week.

Abstract: The concurrent evolution of broad AI with purpose-built hardware will shift traditional balances between cloud and edge, structured and unstructured data, and training and inference. Distributed deep learning approaches, coupled with heterogeneous system architectures effectively address bandwidth, latency, and scalability requirements of complex AI models. Hardware, purpose-built for AI, holds the potential to unlock exponential gains in AI computations. IBM Research is making further strides in AI hardware through the use of Digital AI Cores using approximate computing, non-Von-Neumann approaches with Analog AI Cores, and the emergence of quantum computing for AI workloads. We will share our roadmap for AI Compute, informed by our breadth spanning device innovation to AI applications for Enterprise.

Khare is Vice President of Semiconductor Research, IBM Research.


  • Published on
  • November 21, 2018



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