APEC 2011- Methode Electronics at APEC 2011

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For more than sixty years Methode has embraced a spirit of innovation and creativity, resulting in more than 300 technology and application patents.1. Methode's power connectors are unique in that they are a high current interconnection system, and yet they require a very low insertion or extraction force. The connectors work on a technology of beams, called PowerBud, providing maximum efficiency, with only a 50 micro ohm loss through the interconnection.2. Known, as a high quality bus bar manufacturer, with 35 yrs of experience, Methode provides customers with variety of network bus products from laminated to powder coated, to precision machined bus bars with any kind of laminations or coatings.4. The Inverger (in-ver-jer) is both a power inverter and charger in one. This Methode product is bio-directional in use and works in conjuntion with Ion (i-an) battery packs creating a smart energy system. Methode's Lithium Ion phosphate battery packs are a very condensed energy storage unit and can be used as a back up power system for data centers, electric vehicles or other uses that require back up power. Exciting advancement in the technology of sensors and interface applications includes a non contact torque sensor, a state of charge sensor and a biometric fingerprint