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ComSoc Digital Library provides more than 65,000 documents from world-leading IEEE Communications Society publications. It's a valuable, affordable, resourceful, and convenient library for innovative research needs. Explore the power of Communications Society Digital Library! Members Only. Subscribe online today with your IEEE Web Account. (

ComSoc's "Tutorials Now" offers over 70 online tutorials by international experts at recent ComSoc sponsored conferences. Take your skill and knowledge to the next level with this ComSoc professional education channels. Free Five-Minute Previews available. (

ComSoc Webinars are free corporate-sponsored, ComSoc organized online, multimedia panel sessions open to all members.  Hot topics, worldwide experts, industry focus, renowned IEEE moderators. (

ComSoc eNews keeps you updated for what's going on - information on the profession, industry updates, new ComSoc activities and events, calls for papers, calendars, and exclusive offers for members. (

IEEE Communications Society is the world's leading membership organization for communications professionals.

We share the mission of IEEE: To foster technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity.