IEEE SIGHT: Special Interest Group on Humanitarian Technology

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Ever feel like your technological research exists in a vaccuum? Does your day job lack the satisfaction of seeing a tangible impact on people's lives? SIGHT can help you fill that gap. The IEEE Special Interest Group on Humanitarian Technology (SIGHT) is a global network of groups consisting of IEEE members/volunteers who identify and address local problems by applying their technical skills and partnering with local, underserved communities.

SIGHT focuses on sustainable solutions that make a long­term difference in the lives of people. SIGHT operates through local volunteers and partners working with local communities. For SIGHT, success is only achieved through partnerships, starting with the community and extending to government organizations, NGOs, schools, hospitals, companies, and others. For SIGHT and its volunteers to be both effective and sustainable, continuous training and education is essential. “Local” is defined by the fact that key leaders of the project are citizens and/or permanent residents of the geographical area in which the project is to take place.

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