IEEE Standard 1680: An Incentive to Design Greener Computers

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The IEEE Standard 1680, EPEAT, was put into place to encourage computer companies to design and construct environmentally friendly computers, and to educate corporate and individual buyers as to which computers are "green" before they purchase. Computer and technology waste is a problem that is continuously harming the world around us. Corporate businesses are disposing of their old computers improperly every time they get new technology, sometimes meaning for the whole corporate office at the same time. Individuals either let their old technology sit around, or dispose of it in their regular garbage. The European Union requires producers to take back their used equipment, however in the United States there are no regulations on how to dispose of old and used up technology. DELL has started to take the steps to ensure that they can recycle any other their products that are returned for disposal. Another initiative,  EPEAT, is regulated by the Green Electronics System, to ensure that the information the computer companies are saying about their "green" computers is in fact follow EPEAT regulations, and they are truly recycling their products in the correct way.