APEC 2011-Intersil Promo Apec 2011

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Auto-Compensation, a key feature of the ZL9101-AM, allows users to automatically sense and correct dynamic or unstable load changes. The result - a stable, cleaner waveform. Intersil's Power Navigator Interface gives engineers precise yet intuitive control over the ZL9101-AM. Intersil also showcased its ISL6726 (I-S-L-six-seven-two-six) Digital Active Clamp Controller. What separates the ISL6726 from the pack are a host of unique features. The average current limit circuit regulates voltage current from inception all the way down to short circuit with a constant current, which reduces stress upon output rectifiers. Notable among the ISL6726 feature set is the Minimum Duty cycle clamp increases voltage proportionate to your input voltage, reducing stress on your MOSFET(mas-fet). The soft stop/start feature prevents output voltage from going negative while powering down your unit. Ease of use, flexibility, efficiency and adaptability are all part of Intersil's highly integrated solutions as featured at APEC 2011.