APEC 2011-NXP at APEC 2011

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APEC was the perfect opportunity for NXP to introduce its newest 5-watt-U-S-B standard charger with a 10-mili-watts (mil-) standby mode that can maintain the same low standby conditions all the way up to a 65-watt notebook adapter. Their newest 65-watt notebook power adapter is quite small compared to much heavier and bulkier adapters currently being used. With a standby performance of 100 to 300 milli-watts, this GreenChip adapter can go all the way down to 10 mili-watts, one tenth of what is currently being used by similar devices in the market. This 90-watt version of a notebook adapter is very slim and has incredible standby features. The standby power can be less than 30 mili-watts, which is even lower than the average cell phone charger today.NXP's GreenChip Technology has also evolved, into the solid-state lighting space. This 150-watt power supply with 12 fold outs operates at 94 percent efficiency and can power a dimmer bulb solid state lamp lighting with 150 watts of L-E-D space. This is the most efficient fly beck converter that currently exists in the world today. It was built using the GreenChip technology. APEC's audience was impressed by the complete power range of NXP and its GreenChip family of products.