5G Demystified - Health and Safety of 5G

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From a public perception standpoint, 5G technology can’t catch a break. Various internet theories have tied it to cancer, then the COVID-19 virus, and then the US Federal Aviation Administration claimed it could endanger airplanes while landing in low visibility. In a world of propaganda and misinformation, how are the public and policymakers supposed to make sense of any individual claim? In this IEEE webinar, experts will discuss the science and standards of human health effects from electromagnetic radio waves in 5G communications.

Speakers Include:

  • David Witkowski (Oku Solutions)
  • Brad Roth (Oakland University)
  • Jerrold Bushberg (U.C. Davis School of Medicine)
  • Kenneth R. Foster (University of Pennsylvania)

For more information on the conference, visit the IEEE Future Networks Initiative website.