5G Demystified: Hype vs. Reality of 5G

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From the public’s perspective, 5G has been hyped at a fever pitch for several years now, but the impact on everyday life has been limited. TV commercials drop terms like “ultra-wideband” or “extended range” and our phones sometimes show 5G where LTE used to be – but has anyone noticed an impact? In this IEEE panel discussion, experts will discuss the challenges created by how the wireless carriers have decided to promote 5G, and what the REAL value of 5G technology is likely to be. (Hint: It’s not just for consumers or phones.)

Speakers Include:

  • David Witkowski (Oku Solutions)
  • Monisha Ghosh (University of Notre Dame)
  • Joe Madden (Mobile Experts)
  • Prakash Sangam (Tantra Analyst)

For more information on the conference, visit the IEEE Future Networks Initiative website.