5G World Forum 2020: Multilateral MoU Signing-In Ceremony

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This video from the 2020 IEEE 5G World Forum features a virtual but official signing ceremony for the Multilateral MoU for Global 5G. The original MoU was created in October 2015 between 5G Americas, IMT2020 PG (China), 5GIA (Europe), 5G Forum (Korea) and 5GMF (Japan). It was joined by 5G Brasil in June 2017 via an Accession agreement. On 10th September 2020 during the opening ceremony of the IEEE 5G World Forum, TSDSI/India officially signed the Accession agreement to the Multilateral 5G MoU, thus becoming the 7th and last partner of this prestigious worldwide alliance.

Aim of the MoU: To promote 5G globally towards IMT-2020, to rationalize the many different 5G events, and to support multilateral collaboration on 5G systems.

Advantage of the MoU: a unique worldwide benchmark and collaboration place, gathering governments, industries and technology projects, trials and deployments from significant geographies.

For more information about the 5G World Forum, visit https://ieee-wf-5g.org/