2021 IEEE HAC Global Summit - Rapid Innovation at the Local Level: How IEEE HAC/SIGHT Addressed COVID-19 Circumstances Around the World

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Session description:

Learn how IEEE volunteers identified local challenges and partnered to develop and execute solutions during the COVID-19 pandemic. Panel discussion.

Moderator: Dr. Karen Panetta, IEEE HAC Projects Chair


  • R6 – USA – Dr. Xun Luo – COVID-19 Infection Prevention: an Interactive Digital Training Tool
  • R8 – Uganda – Mr. Vincent Kaabunga – Protection for Frontline Workers in the COVID-19 Response
  • R9 – Mexico – Dr. Joel Molina-Reyes – UV-A LED arrays and photocatalytic TiO2 coatings on protective screens for SARS-Cov-2 inactivation
  • R10 – Indonesia – Dr. Dewi Yanti Liliana – Women Against Disruptive Information on COVID-19 Pandemic in Indonesia