IEEE Healthcare Summit 2021: Plenary Speakers - Dr. Ahmed Metwally, Dr. Elebeoba May, Dr. Mario Flores, Dr. Despina Moschou, Dr. Kristen Beck

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"Pre-symptomatic Detection of COVID-19 from Smartwatch Data" by Dr. Ahmed A. Metwally, Illumina AI Laboratory

"Incorporating the Biomedical State of the Host in Multiscale Models of Infection and Disease" by Dr. Elebeoba E. May, University of Houston

"Deep Learning in Single Cell Analysis – A Survey of the Application of Deep Learning for scRNA-seq Analysis in the Present Pandemic" by Dr. Mario Flores, University of Texas at San Antonio

"Lab-on-PCB Technology and the COVID-19 Outbreak Case Study" by Dr. Despina Moschou, University of Bath

"Semi-supervised Identification of SARSCoV-2 Molecular Targets" by Dr. Kristen Beck, IBM