Development of Quantum Annealing Technology at D-Wave Systems - 2018 IEEE Industry Summit on the Future of Computing

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This is a recording of the live-streamed presentation by D-Wave Systems' Trevor Lanting at the 2018 IEEE Industry Summit on the Future of Computing, part of Rebooting Computing Week.

Abstract: Processors that harness quantum mechanics for computational advantage hold immense promise, but present challenges in scaling to a practical size. Practical and programmable quantum hardware must be developed with a clear focus on the design of the entire system from the basic device design and fabrication up to the control circuitry, the room temperature electronics, the cryogenic enclosures, and the software stack around the system. We have built a series of scalable systems that implement a single algorithm, quantum annealing (QA). QA is run on a network of superconducting flux qubits with in situ programmable pair-wise magnetic interactions. I will introduce the QA algorithm and provide an overview of the processor architecture, device design, and programmability from a systems perspective.

Lanting is Principal Scientist at D-Wave Systems.