RAS CEMRA Project: "A Hands-on Stand-alone Teaching Module on Force-Feedback Haptic Devices"

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New RAS CEMRA project announced- the LearnHaptics initiative (http://learnhaptics.org). LearnHaptics is a short educational module on the basics of haptic science and technology. The module is composed of six short videos, selected readings, and example assignments that can be incorporated into existing university courses (e.g., robotics, virtual reality, human-computer interaction) or used for self-paced learning. The content is open and free to use with accreditation (CC BY Creative Commons license). We hope that the community finds it useful and contributes to it by providing their feedback or linking other relevant resources in the comment sections on the website. 

LearnHaptics was developed as part of the IEEE RAS CEMRA program. The content is developed by Hasti Seifi, David Gueorguiev, Hannah Elbaggari, and Samantha Melnyk  from the University of Copenhagen, Sorbonne University, CNRS, University of British Columbia, and Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems.

You can reach us at info@learnhaptics.org with any questions or to contribute to the content.