“Bioinspired vs. Biohybrid Design”- RAS Soft Robotics Debate

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IEEE RAS TC on Soft Robotics Debate on “Bioinspired vs. Biohybrid Design”

15 February 2021


Cecilia Laschi

Metin Sitti

Ritu Raman

Talia Moore


Sam Kriegman


Bioinspiration, the development of novel materials and structures inspired by biological systems and evolution, has been the essence and main claim of Soft Robotics research. Yet, soft robots are nowhere close to mimicking the life cycle of biological creatures, i.e. growth, adaptation, morphogenesis, and returning to their starting state. Going beyond smart materials, biohybrids may be the solution to multifunctionality and biocompatibility. In this debate, we will bring together experts in Bioinspiration and Biohybrid design to discuss the necessary steps to make more competent soft robots. We will try to answer whether bioinspired research should focus more on developing new bioinspired material and structures or on the integration of living and artificial structures in biohybrid designs.


For more information on RAS Soft Robotics Technical Committee- https://www.ieee-ras.org/soft-robotics