IEEE ISTAS 2021 - Smart Cities through the Lens of Human Rights: FIreside Chat

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This workshop examines ways to promote the best outcomes for the residents and visitors of smart cities; speakers address these issues through the lens of human rights and also discuss how affective rights are requisite to formulating the optimal smart city. This portion of the session features a "Fireside Chat" between Tyler L. Jaynes and Lubna Dajani.

The "Smart Cities through the Lens of Human Rights: Technological and Ethical Dilemmas" Special Session took place during IEEE ISTAS 2021 on 31 October 2021. 

Moderator: Larissa Paredes Muse


  • Tyler L. Jaynes, Bioethicist, Standards Developer, AI Governance
  • Lubna Dajani, Digital Innovation OG; Allternet, Ltd.

Final part of this Session features a “fireside chat” between moderator Larissa Paredes Muse and panelists Tyler L. Jaynes (bioethicist and standards developer in the field of AI Governance) and Lubna Dajani (Digital Innovation OG and Allternet Ltd.). Their comments extend the discussion and exploration of the topics introduced in earlier parts of the session.