The Boldly Inclusive Leader: Becoming the Change Agent Your Organization Needs- WIE ILC 2021

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A September 2020 Harvard Business Review article reports that many companies are suddenly searching for their first Chief Diversity Officer. But if today’s leaders are to realize the potential of a diverse workforce, they must challenge their current models of leadership and focus on creating an inclusive working environment. This new imperative will require leaders at all levels of an organization to develop skills that have been traditionally undervalued, including empathy, curiosity, vulnerability, and the ability to create a psychologically safe workplace.

In this session, Minette Norman will present a model for creating an environment in which diversity is embraced, people can speak up and share their points of view without fear, colleagues listen to one another non-defensively, and groups can produce innovative breakthroughs by embracing different perspectives. Attendees will gain an awareness of how they need to pay attention first to their own behavior, then to nurture an inclusive team environment, and finally, to develop systems for inclusion across their organization.

Speaker: Minette Norman, Founder/CEO, Minette Norman Consulting

Corporate leaders have awoken to the urgent need to build more diverse and inclusive workplaces, leadership teams, and boards of directors. 69% of executives believe that diversity and inclusion are the most important issues they are facing today...