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GHTC 2012 Gertjan van Stam Keynote

Gertjan van Stam delivers a stirring keynote address at the 2012 Global Humanitarian technology conference. In his keynote Gertjam talks about the challenges facing Zambia and his take on possible solutions.

Since 2000 Gertjan and his family live in rural Africa. First in Zimbabwe and, from 2003, in Zambia. He works with 'local talent' to engender transdiciplinary practices and holistic theory building. The goal is to identify and inspire local talent and introduce appropriate technologies in order to build the necessary capacity and intent for community-led activities to yield sustainable human development outcomes. His quest is for a logical framework understanding dynamics of change in rural African communities and engendering leadership capable of inspiring, initiating, implementing, operating, and scaling up of sustainable progress in the local community.
Gertjan is part of IEEE's Ad Hoc Committee for Humanitarian Activities, and University of Zambia's Education Projects for Africa team.

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