Quick Slip-Turn of HRP-4C on Its Toes


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  • #Kanako Miura
  • #Fumio Kanehiro
  • #Kenji Kaneko
  • #Shuuji Kajita
  • #Kazuhito Yokoi
  • #quick turning motion
  • #HRP4C humanoid robot
  • #foot trajectory
  • #toe joints
  • #frictional torque

This videos shows the quick turning motion of HRP-4C humanoid robot using slip between its feet and the ground. The foot trajectory was generated under the hypothesis that turning via slip occurs as a result of minimizing the power caused by floor friction. To realize quicker motion, the toe joints of the robot were used to reduce the frictional torque.

  • Published on
  • May 14, 2012



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