2014 IEEE Honors Ceremony

2014 IEEE Honors Ceremony
 August 23, 2014Amsterdam, The Netherlandswww.ieee.org/about/awards/HonorsPresentations/honors_ceremony.html

If you've ever wondered where the engineering "magic" that lights, moves, energizes, and connects our world originates, you've just found the wellspring of inspiration.

More than 23 of the world's most prominent engineers, scientists, and technology legends are recognized in this annual IEEE Honors Ceremony presented live around the world via IEEE.tv from the RAI Congress Centre in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Highlights of the event include:

  • IEEE Fellow Wanda Reder, recipient of the IEEE Richard M. Emberson Award contributing her honorarium to the IEEE Power & Energy Society's Scholarship Fund.
  • A special "shout out" from the thousand-strong Amsterdam audience to 92 year-old Ralph Baer, father of video gaming, watching the event at his home in New Hampshire, USA. Baer's son accepted the Edison Medal on behalf of his father, who was unable to make the trip to Amsterdam.

Capping the event, you'll see B. Jayant Baliga, a Distinguished North Carolina State University Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering and founding director of the university’s Power Semiconductor Research Center, receive the 2014 Medal of Honor from the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.  Baliga is honored for his invention of the IGBT which vastly improves the efficiency of power-hungry devices, as well as his work on wide band gap semiconductor technologies.  Previous winners of the award include radio pioneer Guglielmo Marconi and microchip co-inventor Robert Noyce.

IEEE President Roberto de Marca served as Master-of-Ceremonies, along with co-presenter, IEEE President-Elect, Howard E. Michel.

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