IEEE EMB Strategic Conference (POCT) 2019

IEEE EMB Strategic Conference (POCT) 2019
 November 20, 2019Bethesda, MD

Unmet Clinical Needs Driving Technical Solutions

The sixth annual IEEE EMB Strategic Conference covered Point-Of-Care Technologies (POCT) for healthcare, which emphasized funding opportunities and the promise and pitfalls of the journey from idea to the patient.

The conference provided a strategic forum in which clinicians, industry experts, innovation experts, researchers and students examined how to define unmet clinical needs and successfully travel along the innovation cycle towards commercialization and patient impact. 

The overall goal of the strategic conference is to provide opportunities for stakeholders to explore collaborations and synergies to accelerate POCT technologies for improving global and deep space healthcare at an affordable cost.

Keynote speeches, panel discussions, a demonstration showcase and breakout sessions with leaders and stakeholders addressed clinical needs, mastering the process of innovation, funding, and more.

Session 1: Emerging Technologies for Health & Wellness Across the ...Session 2: Space Exploration is Reinventing Healthcare – What’s the ...Session 3: Rising Stars in Healthcare InnovationsSession 4: Healthcare AI for the Clinical EnvironmentSession 5: Molecular Diagnostics for Infectious DiseaseSession 6 – Unmet Needs: HIV/AIDS & TBSession 7: Global Health: System Considerations for POC TechnologiesSession 8: Integrating POC Testing for HLBS Diseases into Clinical ...Session 9: Precision Health and Big Data AnalyticsSession 10: Moving POC Technologies to the Patient:Session 11: Fireside Chat: Key Opinion Leaders on Pre-Symptomatic Illness DetectionSession 12: Navigating the Healthcare Innovation CycleAwards & Closing