2016 IEEE Honors Ceremony

NYC, New York, USA

IEEE Honors Ceremony: Just as it only takes a spark to light a fire, it only takes an idea to ignite innovation. The 2016 IEEE Honors Ceremony was held on Saturday, 18 June, at Gotham Hall, NYC, USA. The theme of the event was "Igniting the Future" and there were 27 recipients recognized.

For more information on the IEEE Corporate Awards Program, visit: https://corporate-awards.ieee.org/

Full Ceremony Recording

2016 IEEE Honors Ceremony (full stream)

Igniting the Future: Watch the full stream of the 2016 IEEE Honors Ceremony, recorded live on Saturday, June 18th at Gotham Hall in New York City. Join the IEEE in its annual celebration of technology giants and innovators who have dedicated their career to electrical engineering. #IEEEHonorsCeremony

2016 IEEE Awardee Speeches