Fog World Congress 2017

Santa Clara, CA

Fog World Congress was the first conference to bring industry and research together to explore the technologies, challenges, industry deployments and opportunities in fog computing and networking.

Attandees gained insight and practical how-to's to help them understand, plan and deploy fog computing & networking, the enabler for IoT, 5G and embedded AI. 

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Sessions from Fog World Congress 2017

V2X: A Panel Discussion - Fog World Congress 2017

Panel moderator Dr. Mehmet Ulema, the Director of Standards Development at IEEE Communications Society and Professor at Manhattan College, leads the panelists into a discussion on the challenges and potential solutions in Vehicle to Everything, also known as V2X communications.


How Fog Computing Can Enhance Public Safety - Eileen Healy and Aakanksha Chowdhery, Fog World Congress 2017

Co-presenters Eileen Healy, CEO of Healy & Co, and Aakanksha Chowdhery, Associate Research Scholar at Princeton University, speak about fog computing in the arena of public safety. Specifically, how fog can support public safety, and challenges that come with the technology. Each speaker explains use cases, such as improved response times for EMTs and agency communications for police.


Industry Use Cases Where Fog Is Essential - Fog World Congress 2017

Panel Moderator Rhonda Dirvin from ARM leads the discussion presenting various use cases that illustrate why fog is so important. Panelists include Eli Tiomkin from NDG Systems, Sam Bhattarai from Toshiba Corporation, and Matt Vasey from Microsoft. Dirvin provides the initial questions, with audience Q&A and dialogue following.


Security Issues, Approaches and Practices in the IoT-Fog Era - Fog World Congress 2017

Panel Moderator John Zao from Taiwan Chiao-Tung University leads the panelists through a discussion about security issues, with each speaker focusing on a different aspect. Panelists include Bridget Martin from Intel Corporation, Riaz Zolfonoon from RSA, Susanto Irwan from Sensify Security, Frank Michaud from Cisco, and Don Banks from ARM. Q&A follows their individual opening statements.