IEEE Experts in Technology and Policy (ETAP) Forum on Cybersecurity - Namibia, Africa 2017

IEEE, in cooperation with IST-Africa, hosted the IEEE Experts in Technology and Policy (ETAP) Forum focused on internet governance, cybersecurity, privacy and internet inclusion issues and opportunities across the African continent. The 30 May event in Windhoek, Namibia, was IEEE’s first ETAP Forum in Africa and took place as the pre-conference event to the IST-Africa 2017 Conference, the twelfth in an annual series bringing together senior representatives from leading public, private, education and research organizations, to discuss ICT policy, showcase research results and share knowledge.

As well as sharing experiences and good practices, IEEE ETAP Forum participants discussed issues, barriers and opportunities associated with achieving a safe, secure, trusted, affordable internet for all. This objective was a key enabler of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Learn more in the event backgrounder about the conference theme: Combatting cybercrime while advancing internet inclusion for all.

ETAP Forum Namibia, Africa 2017 sessions

Panel Q&A - ETAP Forum Namibia, Africa 2017

Following their presentations, panelists Basie von Solms, Elizabeth Kamutuezu, Towela Nyirenda-Jere and Njei Check answer questions from the ETAP Forum attendees, discussing the current state of cybersecurity, cybercrime and Internet usage both in Namibia and the African continent.


Working Group Reports - ETAP Forum Namibia, Africa 2017

Working group presenters summarize the chosen topic discussions on: Public awareness and education on Internet safety and cybercrime, Combatting cybercrime while maximizing Internet inclusion for all, National Computer Incident Response Team (CIRT) development, Trends in cyberattack and cybercrime, and Data protection, privacy and resilience in the era of IoT.