IEEE World Forum on Internet of Things 2016

Reston, VA, USA

The 2016 IEEE 3rd World Forum on Internet of Things (WF-IoT) – IoT: Smart Innovation for Vibrant Ecosystems is a unique event for industry leaders, academics and decision making government officials.

This event is designed to examine key critical innovations across technologies which will alter the research and application space of the future. The Internet of Things envisions a highly networked future, where every object is integrated to interact with each other, allowing for communications between objects, as well as between humans and objects, which enables the control of intelligent systems in our daily lives.

Industry Forum Panel: IPv6-based IoT Deployment Around the World

Q&A - IPv6 Industry Forum Panel: WF IoT 2016

Panel Moderator Latif Ladid kicks off the Q&A session with questions for the panelists Geoff Mulligan, Pete Tseronis, Yanick Pouffary, and Azael Fernandes. Members of the audience are then asked to direct questions to the panelists based on the topic of IPv6-based IoT Deployment.

Industry Forum Panel: InterOp-Ware
Industry Forum Panel: IoT Challenges

Q&A - IoT Challenges Industry Forum Panel: WF IoT 2016

Panelists Hiroshi Yamamoto, Kazunori Iwasa, Said Tabet, Soumya Kanti Datta, and Stan Schneider answer questions from the audience following their presentations on The Challenges in Automating, Controlling and Regulating Complex Systems Using IoT Technologies Panel.

MARTCPS Models at Runtime, Network Control & Cyber Physical Systems
Industry Forum Panel: IoT Security
Industry Forum Panel: LPWAN

Q&A - LPWAN Industry Forum Panel: WF-IoT 2016

Geoff Mulligan moderates questions from the audience for the panelists John Brzozowski, Lawrence Latham, Scott Kubes, and Greg Toth, following their LPWAN focused presentations. Questions range from what reactions the technology is facing to how operators are dealing.

Workshop on User centric security, privacy and interoperability in ...

Q&A: ARMOUR and Security Certification: WF-IoT 2016

Following their presentations on ARMOUR, security certification and labeling, Ricardo Neisse and Antonio Skarmeta answer questions from the audience. Questions range from how to narrow down specific component’s behavior to how this technology would be used globally.

Tutorial: Compressive Sensing