Open Edge Symposium (formerly Fog World Congress) 2018

San Francisco, CA

This page will grow over time as we release newly-published sessions from the 2018 Fog World Congress, which will be re-imagined in 2019 as the Open Edge Symposium. Click here to watch sessions from the 2017 event.

About the event: Supporting the wide range of emerging systems and applications (Internet of Things, 5G mobile systems, Big Data, edge analytics, and embedded Artificial Intelligence), requires a new computing and networking paradigm - fog computing. Rather than confining computing to a few massive Clouds, Open Edge distributes computing, storage, control, and networking services closer to the end users along the Cloud-to-Thing continuum where the services can best meet user requirements. The Open Edge Symposium provides a seamlessly integrated forum for industry and academia to work together.


Edge to Fog Panel Discussion

A panel discussion about applications and evolution of edge/fog, with moderator Larry Walsh (CEO and Founder The 2112 Group), and participants Rhonda Dirvin (Director, IoT and Embedded at Arm), Liam Quinn (Chief Technology Officer, Sr. Vice President, Sr Fellow at Dell) amd Matt Vasey (Director of IoT Business Development at Microsoft).

The Fog World Congress is now Open Edge Symposium. This year's event will be held December 11-12, 2019 at the Long Beach Convention Center. Register | Call for Participation.


Fog-Based 6G Research for Next Generation IoT Services and Opportunities - Dr. Russell Hsing at Fog World Congress 2018

In this recorded presentation, Prof. T. Russell Hsing discusses edge-based 6G research for next generation IoT services and opportunities.

Hsing is a Life Fellow of the IEEE, and Chair Professor with the National Chiao Tung University in Taiwan. The presentation was recorded at Fog World Congress 2018, which in 2019 will be renamed the Open Edge Symposium.


Smart Fog In the Digital Workplace - Chris Fine at Fog World Congress 2018

Today's business environment is marked by an ongoing evolution of the concept of a "workplace," as businesses small and large move away from traditional, structured office space at dedicated locations, toward shared space, flexible layouts, open seating locations, and remote work. In this presentation from Fog World Congress 2018, consultant Chris Fine discusses how edge computing and IoT will interact with this evolution. 


How Fog is Enabling AI - Matt Vasey - Fog World Congress 2018

Advances in AI are already demonstrating the potential to augment what humans are capable of, and they are already fundamentally changing our lives in ways we couldn’t have imagined even five years ago. As AI becomes a critical part of mainstream products, services and other innovations the deployment of these technologies becomes critical. Fog Computing is a deployment model for AI that is already revolutionizing the way that we think about the intelligent edge. This session explores how Fog Computing is delivering on AI’s promise in terms of rapid deployment and scaling as well as enabling new scenarios impossible with the Edge and Cloud paradigms.

Recorded at Fog World Congress 2018, held in San Francisco.