Societal Impacts and Benefits - GHTC 2012 Session - Mary Ann Stewart

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Many of us work very hard developing technologies and/or implementing them where they can improve human livelihood. But what are the societal impacts of this work? How can it be measured? This is not only an important subject at a personal level, but is many times a requirement in planning large earth looks at programs and their effects on economic development. The challenge is particularly hard when we are asked to document the societal impacts quantitatively. This panel looks at the experience of measuring the socioeconomic impacts and benefits of what we do. The panelists tell of their own experiences, and the audience participation will bring additional experience and stories that we can all share looking for good solutions. A community of practice will be introduced which is forming at an international level to address socio-economic benefits - measuring and monitoring impacts

Mary Ann Stewart's presentation at the 2012 GHTC session: Societal Impacts and Benefits

Jay Pearlman, Ph.D., Fellow IEEE
Chair, IEEE Committee on Earth Observation 2007-9

Dr. Richard Bernknopf, Univeristy of New Mexico
Dr. Nancy Searby, NASA
Ms. Mary Ann Stewart, Mary Ann Stewart Engineering LLC