IEEE Collabratec: Joining a Community

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Joining a Community

Once you’ve logged into IEEE Collabratec, you can network with a global base of professionals who match your technical interests by joining and participating in communities. New communities are constantly being added ranging from emerging technologies to those tailored to your interests, including entrepreneurship, young professionals, and more.

Select “Communities” from the menu and you’ll find a variety of options available. If you don’t belong to any communities you can browse a list or use keywords to find a specific topic. Click on “Learn More” for a description, or “Access Now” to join the community. If you’ve already joined one, you can go directly to it from “My Communities”.

When you land on the community page you’ll see the latest activities in the community. For most activities you can make a comment or share the post with others in IEEE Collabratec or on other social media, including LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

You can also contribute to the community by making a post, asking or answering a question, making a comment or liking someone else’s post.

Now that you’ve joined a community you can begin to connect, collaborate, and create on IEEE Collabratec.