2008 IEEE Honors: IEEE Medal of Honor Recipient- Dr. Gordon Moore

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Co-founder of Intel Corporation, Dr. Gordon Moore received the 2008 IEEE Medal of Honor. Dr. Moore was a pioneer of semiconductor and microprocessor technology and is the namesake of Moore's Law. This program highlights Dr. Moore's career and life achievements, and explains how he has succeed in the field of electrical engineering. Dr. Moore also founded Moore's Law, one of the guiding principles of the global semiconductor industry. Today, Dr. Moore is still active in learning about the newest technology out there, and also has his own foundation, the Moore Foundation, that supports environmental conservation, investing in science research, innovation and education, nursing and the quality of life in the San Fernando Valley in California.

This video highlights the career of Dr. Gordon Moore, who received the IEEE Medal of Honor in 2008. Moore has accomplished numerous achievements in the field since the very beginning, and has worked on some of the technology that is found standard in many devices today. Dr. Moore is the co-founder of Intel Corporation and a pioneer of semiconductor and microprocessor technology.

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