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This triple IEEE Milestone dedication will celebrate important accomplishments which led to the worldwide success of the Internet. The first Milestone celebrates the 50th anniversary of publication of an IEEE technical paper describing TCP, a key component enabling the Internet's reliability. The second Milestone is for the IEEE 802 Standards Committee, which manages the rules by which Ethernet, Wi-Fi,  and multiple wireless specialty networks (e.g., CCC, CSA, FIRa, Wi-SUN, Thread Group) operate. The third Milestone is for the PageRank Algorithm and the Birth of Google.

Speakers at this event include Vint Cerf, who co-authored the TCP paper, and who is often called a "father of the Internet."  Executives of the 802 Standards Committee will discuss the success of Ethernet, Wi-Fi,  and other networking protocols developed by IEEE 802 LMSC.  Ethernet co-inventor Bob Metcalfe will provide his perspective on the worldwide success of networking and the Internet. Distinguished researchers and scientists from Google will discuss how the Birth of Google and its PageRank Algorithm have shaped the world's access to digital content through the Internet.

Hosted by IEEE in collaboration with the People-Centered Internet (PCI)


People-Centered Internet (PCI) is a leading nonprofit based in Palo Alto, dedicated to creating a more equitable digital world. We unite global experts to develop inclusive, efficient digital strategies that enhance community resilience and prosperity. Our initiatives promote innovative digital tools, empowering communities worldwide to thrive in a connected era. Founded by Vint Cerf and Mei Lin Fung, and currently chaired by Jascha Stein and Mei Lin Fung, PCI works on transformative efforts for a people-centered Internet.







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