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The Upcoming Era of Specialization and the Research Needed to Make It Work for our Country - ICRC 2018 Plenary, William Chappell

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This is a recording of the live-streamed plenary talk from Dr. William Chappell, Director of the DARPA Microsystems Technology Office, from the 2018 IEEE International Conference on Rebooting Computing (ICRC).

Title: "The upcoming era of specialization and the research needed to make it work for our country" - 

Abstract: Since the initial paper describing the future of integrated circuits by Gordon moore, there has been unprecedented growth of the electronics industry. The past 53 years have been good for both the economics and security of our country. However we find ourself in a “complexity bind” that makes this a very unique moment in time for the broader electronics community. A mix of changing underlying physics, foreign investment, and growing cyber concerns challenges the industry and the research community. DARPA has kicked off the electronics resurgence initiative, or ERI, in response. The talk will review the status of the US semiconductor market, and the opportunities that exist that allow the US to lead in this next era.

About the speaker: Dr. Chappell is leading the new Electronics Research Initiative (ERI), which aims to ensure far-reaching improvements in electronics performance well beyond the limits of traditional scaling. The ERI plans to forge forward-looking collaborations among the commercial electronics community, defense industrial base, university researchers, and the DoD. Before joining DARPA, Dr. Chappell served as a professor in the ECE Department of Purdue University, where he led the Integrated Design of Electromagnetically-Applied Systems (IDEAS) Laboratory. Dr. Chappell received his BS, MS, and PhD degrees in Electrical Engineering, all from the University of Michigan.

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