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Mostafa H. Sherif: Managing Projects in Telecommunications Services

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With a lack of information on the field, author Mostafa H. Sherif thought it was important to write a book that goes in depth to describe telecommunications services. His book, "Managing Projects in Telecommunications Services," discusses what he hope will be able to help anyone who is interested in the field, whether that have the experience or not. Seen in this interview  Sherif believes that this book will be especially beneficial to new hires, because it explains the unique requirements of telecommunications projects and goes in depth on project management in the field, something Sherif feels needs to be more standardized. Sherif explains how he was able to take an outside look at the topic, and draw from his travels to give the reader information that is helpful and understandable, and create a solid foundation on telecommunications services. He hopes his book will be able to teach internationally appealing information, because it is important to recognize that telecommunications services is a global field.