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Richard Schreier Ph.D: Understanding Delta Sigma Data Converters

Richard Schreier, Ph.D, discusses the details of his book, "Understanding Delta Sigma Data Converters." He explains the journey that he took with Gabor C. Temes  in deciding to write the book, how the book came together in the end, and what they were hoping to accomplish writing a book about this material. Schreier explains one of the book's unique features, a "Delta Sigma Toolbox," which he believes is going to help students get started in understanding and designing delta sigma converters, while also explaining the more difficult aspects of the topic to more advanced students.


Richard Schrier, Delta Sigma Data Converters, Analog to Digital Conversion, ADC, Understanding Delta Sigma Data Converters, Meet the Author is an excellent step by IEEE. This will pave a new way in knowledge-sharing and spreading ideas across the globe.

Bulusu Venkateswar,
IEEE Member