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Tech Super Stars Panelist - Q&A: 2016 Technology Time Machine

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Panelists Celia Desmond, Karen Bartleson, Marc Bracken, Vincent Chan, Stu Elby, COL John Graham, and Joe Herkert answer questions from the Tech Super Stars Making the Future audience. Discussion forms in relation to their presentations or their current projects and companies and how it will carry into the future.

Celia Desmond, Lead Project Manager at Echologics and Owner, World Class – Telecommunications, moderator
Karen Bartleson, 2016 IEEE President-elect
Marc Bracken, M.A.Sc., P.Eng., Vice President and General Manager, Echologics, LLC.
Vincent ChanProfessor, MIT
Stu Elby, Senior Vice President, Data Center Business Group at Infinera Corporation
COL John Graham, Ph.D, Associate Dean for Research, West Point
Joe Herkert, D.Sc., Visiting Scholar at the Genetic Engineering and Society Center, North Carolina State University

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