Computer Vision and Robotics in the New Era of Digital Agriculture​


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Jim Ostrowski (Blue River Technology, USA)
Computer Vision and Robotics in the New Era of Digital Agriculture

The 20th Century saw transformative changes in agriculture, with the introduction of mechanization, the use of new chemistries for fertilization and pest control, and the advent of genetically modified crops. As the demands on food production continue to expand, new technologies are leading to a modern shift into a digital era of agriculture. Along with the increasing use of tools from Data Science, the introduction of Robotics, along with Computer Vision and Machine Learning, are playing a central role in this transformation. This talk will provide an overview of some of these new technologies and describe tools currently being developed and tested that allow farmers to efficiently and economically give plants individual care in order to reduce chemical usage and costs, while at the same time increasing crop yields.


  • Published on
  • February 13, 2018



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