Q&A with Karen Bartleson: IEEE Technology Time Machine Podcast, Episode 3

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Description: IEEE President, Karen Bartleson, sat down with us to discuss the future of technology and where she sees the world in twenty-five years. Karen has made a tremendous impact on the technology industry and leads the entire IEEE organization with passion and zeal bringing new light to the various engineering fields and industries the organization represents all while paving a bright future for women in tech. Needless to say, Karen is the perfect person to discuss the future of technology during this Technology Time Machine podcast. Among many other topics, Karen shares her vision of technology advancing space travel, healthcare, and even cyborgs in the near and distant future. However, with the advancement of technology comes the need for discussion on the ethics associated with artificial intelligence. How do we approach ethics and built-in biases that might come with the advancement of these machines? This is just the question that the IEEE, and Karen, are addressing; truly working towards IEEE's mission of Advancing Technology for the Benefit of Humanity.

Episode 3 of the IEEE Technology Time Machine Podcast features a Q&A with Karen Bartleson, 2017 President and CEO of IEEE.

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