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In order to solve the problems of slow response speed, poor reliability in microgrid frequency regulation strategy, this paper presents a frequency regulation method of thermostatically controlled loads(TCL) participating in the microgrid based on model prediction. This method uses the area control error as the input of the model predictive controller, thermostatically controlled loads power change and the generator power change as the output. It makes full use of the frequency modulation potential of the temperature-controlled load, and through demand-side management, auxiliary generator sets improve the dynamic frequency modulation performance of the power grid. Through simulation experiments, the effectiveness of the proposed microgrid frequency regulation strategy is verified. Compared with the traditional frequency modulation method, this method helps reduce the system overshoot, speed up the response speed, and enhance the stability of the system.

Thermostatically Controlled Loads Participating in Microgrid Regulation Strategy Based on Model Prediction author Han Gao, Mi Dong, Li Li, WeiMing Huang